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    Default Well... just had my first proper harvest :)

    ... and noticed that my Pak Choi (which is ace, BBQ'd - bit of olive oil rubbed over and black pepper on!) seems to be bolting? I didn't think it'd happen, but I was wrong and you lot were right! I'll sow some more in a couple months I think, still really nice.

    Should I let a couple run to seed (how large are the flowers of pak choi?) - they're inbetween my turnips, which seem to be around golf ball size, so looking forward to pulling them in a couple weeks. Never had turnip before so really looking forward to them.

    Had some salad, raddish (quite small - about marble size) - scarlot globe, not hot but still nice! Young lettuce thinnings and some young pak choi in the salad too + rocket in the salad too. That was our first proper "go out in the garden and properly harvest" something - man, it was an amazing feeling. Noticed my mangetout are flowering too, which was nice seeing as they've been constantly barraged by slugs.


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    It does feel good, doesn't it? Last night we had our own spuds, mangetout peas and spinach.

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    well done with the pak choi i tried them once the slugs really enjoyed them

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    I had salad leaves, pea shoots and radish today, great isn't it?
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