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Thread: Vegetable rotation

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    hedgehogneil is offline Germinator
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    Dec 2018

    Default Vegetable rotation

    Hi, can anyone help me with rotation, please?
    I have three vegetable beds and in 2018 they had:

    1. leeks, peas, beans, salad leaves, chard. Bed had topping of compost and manure.
    2. carrots, celery, beetroot. Bed had topping of compost.
    3. broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages. Bed had topping of compost and manure.

    When we harvested the stuff in bed 3, I planted some winter brassicas so the bed is full again and coming on OK (bar the sprouts). The peas/beans harvested in bed 1 left space so I planted the remaining brassicas in there, which I guess we will harvest in the coming months.

    The plan for 2019 was to do bed 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and 3 to 1. Because we have planted out again in 2018 to try and maximise harvest, I am confused about the rotation. Is it per year or per season?
    Can someone advise, please? I can't really work it out despite a fair bit of reading but not sure what the consequence is of getting it wrong.
    Any advice would be warmly received.

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    veggiechicken's Avatar
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    Hi Nell and welcome

    Basically, don't plant something in the same place 2 years running. That's all that matters although someone who knows the proper way to do things will be along soon to advise.
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    Make 2019 the Year of Random Seed sowing
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    Small pumpkin's Avatar
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    I'm with VC. Keep it simple. Don't plant the same thing in the same place 2 years running. And rules are made to be broken! Not everyone does veg rotation. My runner beans will be get planted in the same place.

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    Aberdeenplotter is offline Gardening Guru
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    ^^I'm with these two on this . I've got a very big allotment so I practice a 4 year scheme of rotation. I also have a fifth bit of the plot which I use for winter veg and this moves around the plot as well. The winter bed has leeks,sprouts and winter cabbage so there is always duplication of some sort but although that might mean I have some parts of the plot growing the same kind of veg in successive years, I never let it get to three years in a row.
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    burnie is offline Veggie gardener
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    Rotation was primarily used to stop build of pests/diseases and help with soil structure/nutrition levels, I don't follow the old rules strictly, you seem to have the basics covered. One thing I do in my raised beds is not mix up the rotation by planting secondary crops from the wrong group as it were. So the roots bed only has roots in it and so on.

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    Thelma Sanders is offline Gardening Guru
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    Feb 2011
    Willesborough, Kent


    I just make sure to not plant say a Brassica in exactly the same place where a Brassica grew last year, sometimes it is just a case to move a crop 2 or 3ft further down the bed. I don't worry what follows what - just that I don't follow like with like. It gives me much more scope to use up the available space.
    I tend to leave the pea and bean frames in the same place for a few years as well - mainly because it's such a PITA to keep moving them. Never had any problems with them either
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    bramble's Avatar
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    It's not always possible to do the crop rotation thing if your space is limited.
    I do try but it's quite challenging.

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