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    Default Unexpected Purple Sprouting Broccoli?

    Hello Everyone - Season's Greetings!

    I've never grown purple sprouting broccoli (henceforth psb) before, and I'm growing two varieties - "Red Arrow" and "Early PSB". Red Arrow is developing as I thought it should - looks like individual spears are forming, but all of the other variety look like a pink cauliflower - i.e. one large solid head, rather than individual spears.

    Has anyone else grown "Early PSB" this year? Will these solid heads develop into individual spears - the seed packet photo implies that they should? How will I know when to harvest them? Don't want to miss the boat. Got Christmas lunch to consider!!

    Many thanks.


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    Calabreese forms one large head and then lots of small spears so I would cut the large head before it bolts.

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    ah, so thats where i went wrong. thanks paulw
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