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    Default Tomato container size?

    I have the choice of either builders buckets (which were a great sucess last year) or the morrisons flower buckets which I have just managed to get my hands on!! Given how much compost I've already had to buy this year and that I've just run out again (I have a lot in containers on my patio and everything ahs to be started in modules, not to mention my crapness at my efforts to produce my own...) would the tomatos be ok in the smaller flower buckets? |It would probably save several pots worth of compost or should I go for the bigger buckets?
    Opinions please!
    If it ain't broke...fix it til it is!

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    I grow my toms in flower buckets and they do pretty well - you just have to remember to feed them as the compost will lose its nutrients quicker
    Happy Gardening,

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    I usually supplement the compost with about 2" of grass clippings in the bottom of the pot, it does save a bit of compost.
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