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Thread: Sweet corn help please

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    Default Sweet corn help please

    This is my first major year for growing corn and I'm was hoping to grow enough to last the year. I've got about 60 plants all done at the same time. Well some are a foot tall and others 4 foot, some of them including the very short ones are producing the male bits and others not. Ive always had them go to 4/5 foot before flowering (don't know what you would call it for sweet corn) my baby corn are taller and no flowering yet and they were planted 2/3 weeks later.
    I'm growing Mr fothergills incredible, I really want to freeze enough for the year shall I do a load more? I still have time and can make the space. Attachment 56867Attachment 56868

    Thank you
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    It does look like you have a few sweetcorn growing. What I can see.

    They call them tassles
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    It's only the second time I've grown it this year Lisa and not the baby corn. I only tried a few plants and they produced 3 or 4 cobs each plant. I suppose it depends on how many there are in your household and how much you like sweetcorn
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    60 plants errmmm are you suplying green giant .

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    Hi Lisa, I only grow half the amount you do and some years are better than others, sweetcorn will sulk at the drop of a hat but mainly through root disturbance and lack of water. As they are grown in blocks ratber than rows there is always ample opertunity for pollination. Watering is particularly important when the tassels and silks appear, as a member of the grass family they are also partial to a nitrogen feed when the cobs appear.
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    As stated above, it depends on how much you eat. I've grown 24 for the past two years which has been enough. We're only just starting to eat last years frozen ones now!

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    I've planted about 60 plants too Lisa - I love sweetcorn . I grow the same variety as you, but I don't think I normally get 3-4 cobs from them, I'd count on 2 decent ones to be on the safe side. I cut the ones to be frozen in half or thirds and open freeze without blanching, and they seem to keep well (apart from when we tried to BBQ them and they were definitely chewy! Lol ). I quite like the fact that the tassles arrive at different times, because the cobs appear a bit later and I always worry the tassles will have finished by the time the cobs arrive! But they've always sorted themselves out in the end, so I'm sure yours will be fine. Your plants are way bigger than mine too - I'm impressed! Even our local farmers' plants are smaller than yours on the whole, and they were planted much earlier than mine.
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    Yes mine aree still under a foot tall. But once they get in gear they will shoot up, its still cold at night here which is holding them back a bit.
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