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    Default Sweet corn for flower beds

    Trying to slowly transfer flower borders from useless flowers to veg.
    First ploy is to grow sweet corn interspersed with the flowers. Should be nice and ornate with their leaves.

    Anyone recommend a variety for a flower border, I am in Lancashire.

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    Some Japonica Striped Maize would look lovely in a flower bed, not a sweet corn really but good for popcorn.

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    If you're after corn for corn on the cob, probably any sweetcorn would do, so long as it's a tall rather than a dwarf variety, as you don't see the cobs while they're growing as they're shrouded in their husks. And you're right, they're quite dramatic plants. The ones Teds Mum recommends look spectacular, but it looks suitable for flour or perhaps for popcorn rather than corn on the cob or for eating the kernels fresh.

    There's another thread going on at the moment about sweetcorn, talking about growing in less than ideal conditions. Started in September but it's been re-opened:

    You might find a two or three sisters bed would be quite attractive. Sweetcorn and winter squash or courgette, or sweetcorn, squash/courgette and some kind of attractive bean or pea that climbs up the corn. I love courgette and squash flowers in the morning.
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