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Thread: squash seeds

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    Default squash seeds

    I just scooped all the seeds out of a fresh butternut squash, if I keep them and dry them off, could I plant them in the spring and wouldn't anything grow? Thanks!

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    Its something I do quite often with varyous fruits and veg. Its well worth having a go especially if the squash were UK grown ones.

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    Here's a photo of my Butternuts from saved seeds, I grew them up a trailer leaned against the wall.

    Didn't do too bad to say how much rain and too little sun they had this year.

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    It's worth a try Salina if you have space to grow them but as it is a supermarket bought squash, you don't know if it is an OP or an hybrid or even an F1... .
    The saved seeds should grow, just make sure you germinate them after the last frost in your area.
    Happy gardening,

    I grow, I pick, I eat ...

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    They'll grow, Salina. They might not come true to type, but they will produce squash. Good luck and let's know what you get.

    From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

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