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    Default Potatoes Poping Up Everywhere

    Although I have ten bags of varying potatoes doing lovely in the garden, I seem to be finding potatoe shoots popping out of most of my other containers, probably tiny ones I missed left over from last year and all mixed together in different pots when I mixed them all around. As soon as they are appearing I have been nipping off the tops.

    My question is will this effect the growth of whatever is growing in the pots if a potato is growing underneath. They're showing in my carrot tub, one in my tomoato pot, a few in my spring onions and some in the lettuce and runner beans trays/tubs. Will nipping them off stop growth or will I end up digging up some free potatoes at the end of the season when I harvest the pots. It hasn't seemed to hinder any of the plants as yet and I'm hoping the nipping off has resolved the issue, but every now and again more seem to be showing.????

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    I sometimes got them as well. I am happy if they appear in my strawberry bed, they are still small when my strawberries are in flower and after strawberries are finished, I will harvest free potatoes. Otherwise I try to pull out as much as I can to weaken them.

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    If you keep nipping off the tops the plant will eventually get fed up and stop sending up new shoots.

    Try riddling your compost next year to remove unwanted potatoes.

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    I've got loads of "volunteers" on the allotment. Where they are in the way of other crops I'm pulling or digging them out, if they're not in the way of anything I will leave them and hopefully get a crop

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