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    Default pollination of veg


    We have loads of pumpkins and squash but the flowers of both male and female plants are full of pollen beetles.

    Do these beetles eat the pollen (which is what t looks like)!! Or do they aid pollination?

    If all they do is eat the pollen does this mean even if I hand fertilize the plants they will not work properly. These beetles are every where this year. We also like to save the seeds from many other fruit and veg on our allotment but if they have done the dirty deed and stolen the pollen does it mean the seed will not work.
    Any advice on this will be great.

    the pumpkin cuddler

    It does not matter what our specific fate is as long as we face it with ultimate abandon.

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    zazen999 is offline Funky Cold Ribena
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    Have a read of the Real Seeds guide - scroll down to the Squashes section!

    How To Save Seed

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    Found this by googling. I've got loads of them in the garden, mainly on the oxeye daisies, but also on the pumpkins. Royal Horticultural Society - Gardening Advice: Pollen Beetles

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