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    Chef_uk is offline Tuber
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    Default My 2011 Planner. What do you think?

    Good idea or bad idea?

    I'm thinking good because its all about the planning but also bad because having it on paper enforces i'm committing to it and thus can't change should the need arise for example a crop has gone bad early on but because i've laid down what i am after i'll become stuck.

    Or am i over-thinking about it?

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    grannymem is offline Rooter
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    Jul 2009
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    Looks very smart and professional - but space for what to do looks a bit limited?
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    lettucegrow!'s Avatar
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    Great idea to get organised- looks good.
    Gardening forever- housework whenever

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    Piglet6 is offline Germinator
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    Dec 2010


    I'm only a Newbie but I would think that NO growing plan has to be written in stone.

    Things are always going to change, due to your circumstances or weather. For instance, if you wrote: "Sunday April 10th - sow lettuce seeds" and it turns out to be chucking it down with rain & you have nowhere dry suitable to work, then it's really not going to hurt to wait a day or two, or week or two.

    Also, the same goes for crops - if you change your mind about growing a crop of something & want to swap it out for something else, it's no Biggie.

    Write in pencil & keep an eraser handy.

    Happy growing

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    Snadger's Avatar
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    I think everyone should start with a plan either written or in their head. I know I did.

    In the first year I grew what I liked to eat.

    In the second year I grew loads of different varieties of the stuff I like eating.

    Third year I added a few oddities.

    Diversify and prosper is the name of the game!
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    Diversify & prosper

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    solway cropper is offline Cropper
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    Jun 2009


    A trait I inherited from my dad is the desire to make lists and plans which I do every year. I do it because it focuses the mind but inevitably the plans go to pot when reality sets in. Last year's sowing plan was screwed up by the very cold spring. As piglet6 says, nothing is set in stone.

    On balance its probably a good idea to plan but always have plan B and plan C in reserve.

    The pic shows the sort of thing I did a few years ago when I still grew things in straight lines! The key is not included so you'll have to guess what all the pretty colours mean

    my new blog
    the recycled gardener
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    Piglet6 is offline Germinator
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    Dec 2010


    I bought an A4 lined hard-back notebook last week (just a cheapie one), and will be using that as my "what to do, when" book.

    I'll start off with 1 page for January, 1 page for February, 2 pages for March, then 1 page per week all the way through to when things begin to slow down.

    I'll write Things To Do This Week on the right hand pages, and scribble notes on the left hand pages that correspond to the Things To Do on the adjoining page...if any of that makes sense.

    By Autumn I expect the notebook will be a little grubby as it will be joining me in the garden so I can tick things off as I do them, & more importantly, not forget to do something whilst I've got all the stuff out of the shed!

    I will have to grow in pots again this year, and I've cut out different sized circles (for the different sizes of pots!) in green paper for the veggies, and some pink paper for the fruit. The plan is that I will write the crop on them (in pencil) & move them around (on the dining table) as the space I have available in the garden, and work out what will do best where. When I'm happy with it, I'll draw a quick sketch.

    I read my earlier post back & it struck me that I may have sounded like you shouldn't plan. No, you NEED to have SOME sort of plan in your head or on paper. What I was trying to say is, just 'cos you've written it down it doesn't mean you can't change your mind, & if you DO change your mind it doesn't matter a jot.

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    gojiberry is offline Early Fruiter
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    I have made a sowing plan for the coming year as I usually forget to sow something at the right time. I have done it on the compuer as it is easier to swap and change things around. It consists of each month and each month has three columns. The three columns are for earliest sowing, main sowing and last sowing. So if a packet of seed says sow from Feb to May, then in the earliest column in Feb the name of the seed will go. For March and April the name of the seed will go into the main sowing column and for May it will go into the latest sowing column. This way if I don't sow at the earliest I will at least pick up the next months and especially in May when I know that if I haven't already done so I must sow that particular seed. I know my seed sowing list is a little long but that doesn't matter on the computer as I can just run individual pages off as required.


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