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Thread: mushrooms

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    greasemonkey67 is offline Seedling
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    Aug 2011
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    Default mushrooms

    I have tried to grow mushrooms at home three times now,twice with the kits in the boxes,and this year i got some horse manure and put it in a raised bed,let it rot down,kept it moist,kept it covered and dark and sowed some mushroom "seed" from a packet and not a sausage!!! can anyone suggest anything to try? i had thought about getting some logs and some mushroom plugs. We use alot or mushrooms so any hepl on how to grow them and type would be great.
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    I can't help you I'm afraid as although I bought the OH some plugs for christmas thinking they would be a great idea they are still in the packet it was the finding a fresh deciduous log that stumped him (sorry no pun intended) - we're surrounded by pine trees!

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