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Thread: Growing Yacon

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    Default Growing Yacon

    Hi all,

    Just got some Yacon from a very generous grape, and was wondering what you experiences of growing it are? Also, and growing suggestions? I've been advised to plant them indoors soon (which I will be doing), but any other advice would be great.


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    there are a few yacon threads, ..... i have no idea about it, and haven't read them, but they may be of some help

    Grow Your Own - Growing, How To Grow Tomatoes Growing Fruit & Veg - Recipe Advice, Organic food Gardening, Chickens, Seeds for Sale

    and then theres google ...... google is your friend ...... apparently
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    I grew yacon last summer. I grew it in a pot mostly outdoors although towards the end of the summer I brought it into the greenhouse. It grew well, no problems and eventually flowered. I harvested it in October and was quite pleased with the results. I did not get it until the end of April when I planted it so I do not think you should be in too much of a hurry to plant it.
    Good luck. It tastes quite nice - tasty and fairly sweet but I have decided not to bother this year - I am going to have a go at sweet potatoes.

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