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    RuthC is offline Germinator
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    Sep 2009

    Default Festive veg varieties

    Are any grow-your-owners out there trying some heritage, new or interesting varieties of festive vegetables to enjoy this Christmas? What types have you sown and why? Or do you have favourite ones you sow each year? Do you manage to grow all or most of the veg you eat on the big day?

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    windy east coast, sandy soil


    I do my best to ignore The Day, tbh.
    I did try to impress the sceptical inlaws last year, by producing all the veg myself (and serving up more than they could eat).

    Pumpkin, beetroot, spuds (roasted)
    kale, cabbage, sprouts (boiled till mushy)
    sweetcorn and peas from the freezer.

    No special varieties, although Rodima was an excellent red cabbage for the Prawn Coleslaw (Mr Sheds wanted to make Prawn Cocktail but forgot to buy lettuce)
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    zazen999 is offline Funky Cold Ribena
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    We have chili and the trimmings [nachos, guac, salsa, sour cream, loads of strong cheese] on the day. The chili peppers [red and green] look very festive and I bring chili plants indoors and drape tinsel round them instead of Christmas trees. The red ones look particularly festive.

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    I dont get to eat my own veg at Xmas cos we go back to england to be with the children (and grandchild) so i have to put with tesco's best...and i cant use any of my 15kg ryanair allowance to transport veg!!! Or if we go by train - lug veg between Gare Austerlitz and Gare du Nord.This year am growing sprouts too!!!!!

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    Flummery's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    East Yorkshire


    I don't grow maincrop spuds but I do use all my own veg for the rest. Leeks ('cos I love them!) Jerusalem artichokes for the same reason - they make a fantastic spud and arti-mash. I don't cook sprouts at Christmas. I'm 60 now and my Mam can't make me eat them! I always freeze a few broad beans for a Christmas dinner treat and we generally have greens of some kind - kale or chard. If I manage to keep a pumpkin, that is used roasted.
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    Wren is offline Rooter
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    Mar 2008
    East Sussex


    We have my gorgeous scarlet emperor runner beans kept frozen from the harvest. It always gladden me to have a taste o summer garden in the winter darkness. It sort of offer you hope for the summer warmth an light again. Parsnips are pulled the on Xmas eve, i buy in carrots to roast with my own stored onions and my own fresh picked rosemary, its yum as the sweetness of the roasting onions marries with the carrots. I throw a few cloves of my June harvested garlic in with fluffy roast potatoes . The rich, dark green, cavolo nero Kale is a winter treat we all savour. Now i have my lottie be sure that next year i will have my sprouts and will eak out the swede to last long enough into the darkness, so good mashed with butter an hopefully i will have winter king cabbage too or i might find a sweeter pointed sort.

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    JamesR is offline Germinator
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    Oct 2009


    This year Ive grown all the veg myself – and Ill have a whole load of Christmas recipe books ready to do them justice!! I always cook my Brussels with bits of smokey bacon and garlic and bake parsnips with loads of freshly grated parmesan. i love braised red cabbage too – the spices always smell wonderful, Sometimes I add apples too

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    Lovage is offline Sprouter
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    Jul 2009
    North Yorks


    It could be roast roots - carrot, parsnip, Kohl rabi, beetoot and celeriac although I'll have to buy in parsnip

    It could also be red cabbage cooked with apple, onion and all-spice not tradittional but very Christmassy

    Boxing day is usually salad - beetroot and rocket + land cress, great colours for Christmas and nice contrast of flavour and texture

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