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Thread: Feeling lost

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    Default Feeling lost

    Everything has taken sooo long to grow this year, and I'm only in the south west so god only knows up is happening further up north... Is it just me?

    What seeds should I be planting now? I have completely lost track and can't seem to focus long enough to work it out... So far I have some courgettes, winter squashes, french beans, purple sprouting, kale, cauli. I seem to keep sowing things and either don't get a very good result or the tray falls over (that has happened twice now ) or they just don't come up at all.

    None of my sweetcord has come up at all, my first lot of courgettes and squashes didn't come up for about a month so plants some more only to have the first lot come up... Only half my potatoes have come through even though the tubes haven't rotted and still have nice shoots on them, I have dug one or two back out to check and all of my runner beans are just lerking just under the surface at that stage where they should bust through at any moment but have been like that for a few weeks.

    I am watering and checking daily, not letting anything dry out but not letting anything become water lodge... I am just lost Up-dated Regularly

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    Just calm down and stop worrying. Allotmenteering is not a life or death thing (unless you are trying to be TOTALLY self sufficient.)

    If you get a few veg for the pot, thats good.......if you don't, it's not the end of the world.
    Be philosophical about it. You're getting fresh air, excercise, comaraderie and now and again.................sometimes you may get something edible for the pot that the miriad of pests haven't got before you!

    My runners aren't up yet, I've JUST sown my carrots and beetroot. Will be sowing Spring cabbage before long and some more winter radish. Also, more peas to sow and a load of plants to plant out.
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    The only things I'm picking at the mo is Salad leaves, Spinach Beet & a handful of Mangetout. Everything else is still growing slowly, like Snadge says, stay calm & pray for a warm summer......

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    I sowed some radishes and salad today if that helps? Like the others said if it doesn't grow its not the end of the world, no one died Everything here is way behind last year too
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    I keep sowing peas and French beans- I've more gaps than plants this year
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    Well, after eating spuds, carrots, broad beans, lettuce, radish and spring onions from the garden this weekend I can't see what all the fuss is about.

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    Loads of things can still go in now IMHO. Peas, mangetout maybe, radish, lettuce, rocket, chard, basil and other herbs, late brassices (psb or kale), carrots, beetroot, all the beans, sweetcorn can still try again, oriental stuff, etc. With the warmer temps things will germinate quite quickly now (and the rain has finally finished for a bit).

    You could sow most of this stuff direct to avoid the problem with trays falling over

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    you're not lost, you're impatient, and we all suffer from that
    checking dailydoes make it look like nothing is happening, check every couple of days,or take a photo on the first day of the week, then take a photo on the last day of the week, and see the difference.Checking every day means you can't see the big difference

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