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Thread: Chitting potatoes and seaweed feed

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    Default Chitting potatoes and seaweed feed

    On GQT this week a specialist seed potato supplier gave as his top tip spraying chitting potatoes with seaweed mix every 7/10 days. Anyone tried this??
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    Did he say why ? I presume there is some benefit ?
    The chitting debate happens quite often, I think we do it mainly because it's what our parents did, commercial growers seem to get good yeilds without bothering which way the seeds go in (relative to the budding point/s) let alone chitting.
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    I've heard of spraying seaweed extract to help against red spider mite,also helps as a fungicide & helps against frost,it sounds amazing when you look into it. As a seed potato it looks like it would help with the growth & give some protection. Seaweed sprayed plants make better use of manganese & other trace minerals,this is an interesting article,talks about a foliar application in tomatoes,increased acidity for taste,more flowers because of the potassium & provides a higher yield. Sounds good to try on a few.

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    I caught the end of this on GQT on the way home from work, I think he was saying it was to promote better 'chits'.. I have reserved judgement though..
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    Farmers do not bother about chitting them and as they say make sure you put the eyes to the top when chitting.
    And put them in the ground with the chits facing upwards farmer must have a good machine that can see which way there are going to land in the ground.
    And they all come out ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by datz View Post
    On GQT this week a specialist seed potato supplier gave as his top tip spraying chitting potatoes with seaweed mix every 7/10 days. Anyone tried this??
    Does he also supply seaweed mix by any chance?

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