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Thread: Sowing all things Cucurbit - 2019

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    Sown 14th January
    Planted out several weeks ago - no fleece, cloches or protection.
    Nearly ready to be picked.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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    Been very busy so behind with everything, but finally got my courgettes in the ground and cucumbers in greenhouse! Half term next week and I've taken the whole week of so might get squash in the ground soon....
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    Another happy Nutter...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ameno View Post
    Huh. I've never had any luck with pollinating with pollen from the same plant, and I swear I've read that most cucurbits are self-sterile, so you need a different plant (it can be the same variety, just a different plant).
    Maybe they're just partially self-fertile, and pollinate more reliably with pollen from a different plant but can be pollinated with pollen from the same plant?
    I have given away single courgettes to friends and they have managed to get a crop from them. Maybe as you say less reliable but think it is possible. For this year I have two anyway and both now flowering so should be ok

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penellype View Post
    The seed leaves shouldn't matter once true leaves start to develop, but the important thing is that there is a central bud to grow from. If that has shrivelled up you are in trouble.
    Well, my horned melons have all but one died.
    The ones that died were all on my bedroom windowsill. Some cucumber seedlings I had there earlier got sun scorched, too, but they survived. I guess the window is just too bright (it's south-east facing). I'll not put plants with soft leaves there again.
    The one that survived was left in my conservatory (I didn't want to leave the others there before because it was getting rather cold at night still). It's doing quite well now, so that one should come along okay, at least.

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    My 2 courgette Atena polka are looking a bit lanky in the cold frame. Is the general opinion that you should only transplant once to final place for these pls once well potbound? I canít see roots peeping out of the bottom yet.
    Also am growing cucumber spacemaster which I got cos its supposed to be smallish. What size pot would be best for it? I have 8Ē or 10í pots I was hoping would work. To be stood direct on earth. Or I have those round ring things you can use for tomatoes? Would that be any good for it? Donít want to stress it as it seems a bit temperamental and I only managed to get the one to germinate.

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    Had to get fresh Thelma Sanders seeds as the last batch were a dud (I have one very sickly looking plant from them) and while perusing real seeds, I spotted these Burgess buttercup and bought some to try and have down a couple- has anyone grown these? If so would you say they were more of a sweet or savoury kinda squash? I always love trying something new
    Also had a surprise golden Hubbard sprout. I'm amazed as the seed is quite old and I wasn't expecting much when I planted them but its a really healthy looking plant too! I guess you don't know if you don't try!
    There are no gardening mistakes, only learning curves

    No matter how big the job or overwhelming the task, a good dose of sheer obstinacy and bloody-mindedness should see you through

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