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Thread: Aquaponics

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    Quote Originally Posted by veggiechicken View Post
    Will the fish have any daylight?
    I really don't know yet, there's a guy in Australia who is a Gura at this thing and as done it for years and swears by it and reckons the fish prefer to be in semi darkness!

    Quote Originally Posted by Snoop Puss View Post
    ^I wondered that and had a look. These systems seem to use solid sided tanks. I guess light comes from above, as in a natural environment.
    Yep! Seem to see the same thing and some actually cut out holes in the side of the tanks and rivet in a peice of Perspex!

    Here! This is just a bit of fun for my own enjoyment, but would defoe not venture into not giving the fish what they need or want as this would surely amount to animal cruelty!
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    I wasn't sure whether you were going to put one tank on top of another - I haven't goggled it at all, that's my excuse!
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    I had a go as this as was given a system and asked to try it out which to be honest really didn’t want to do as was worried about keeping the fish alive. Eating them was never on the menu, I had some Koi. Managed to get them through the set up phase but sadly eventually something went horribly wrong and they all died.

    The bell siphon on my system was a load of rubbish and really temperamental which didn’t help. I did get it going and grew some bits and pieces, can’t really remember what. It was ok but a lot of hassle and I really didn’t get much better yields. There’s a forum which I think is based in Australia and some of them get good results though. As I said I wasn’t keen to do it as added anothe4 laue4 of hassle to an already complicated life at the time. I think if you’re up for trying it will be good fun and look foreword to seeing your progress?

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