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Thread: Request for a third potato recommendation

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    I'd have to agree with Lady Christl for a first early as it is really nice and reliable.

    The other spud I always grow is Vivaldi which is technically a second early but I think of it more as an early maincrop.

    Rudolph also makes a lovely mash.
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    I grew Kestrel last year very sucessfully considering I dont know what I am doing , despite this I had a good main crop ans they were very tasty
    They are on my list for this year again

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    Maris piper for a good tastey easy to grow spud. I think they are second early but I use them as a main. If you fancy a very early try home guard. I normally have a good crop. However due to the very wet spring last year they where very poor
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    Rooster is one of the main ones grown round here on the tattie farms, I had a fair crop in my garden last year as a main crop.

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    I find the main problem with potatoes is blight which can decimate a crop and leave you next to nothing for your hard work. I'm not keen on the Sarpo varieties at all in the kitchen but Carolus is a new blight resistant variety that I have been growing for 2 years now and is brilliant. really tasty as roast and oven chips, is similar to Cara but less attacked by slugs. It is susceptible to scab if the ground is too alkali. My crop this year was quite badly affected but they are still keeping well and cooking great - but need peeling.
    It is main crop potato.
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    Growing Kestrel.. good slug resistance, great for roasties and chips, good for mash, second early so usually beats the blight.
    Charlotte.. qualities as others have already said plus good slug resistance and they keep fairly well in our very dry garage.
    Sarpo Kifli.. blight resistant, good slug resistance, lovely waxy new potato flavour (which lasts during storage), keeps extremely well, good for boiled, roasties and oven chips but turn into polyfiller if mashed.
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    If you like Anya, you might like Dunluce as a first early. I really like it. Can be left to grow bigger and picked as a second early. Supposedly doesn't disintegrate on boiling, but I can't confirm that as I either steam over boiling water or in a pressure cooker.

    The maincrop I really like is Picasso. Great looking plants and big crop of tasty tatties too. Good disease resistance apparently. Cara is one of the parent potatoes. Stores well too.

    Looks like you've got the second earlies covered, but like Nicos, I love Charlottes. Quite similar to Anya, apparently.

    Good luck, whatever you choose.
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    For me, it's got to be Dunluce, Winston and my absolute go to main crop spud Victoria, she never lets me down, Will do anything, boil, mash, chip, bake, stores well and is pest resistant. I grow on really heavy clay and Victoria comes up trumps (not the US kind) every time
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