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Thread: What I did today - 2019

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    Potted up 15 more mystery chillies. Only 6 to go and they're destined for pop bottles.
    Swapped indoor tromba with a bigger stronger plant. Think I put him into a big pot to soon, he wasn't happy.
    Did a bit of weeding and a bit of watering.
    Tied up sunflowers in bed 1. Not to be confused with the sunflowers in bed 9 I tied up last week .
    Potted up the cherry tree cuttings I took last month.
    Did a bit of pruning to keep things off the tunnels.
    Took some red currant cuttings.
    Had to rescue the mint. All the pots were very dry ( I forgot about them, I always forget about them ! ). Now having an overnight soak.
    Topped up little sales barrow again ( and it looks like more people can't add up)
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    Weeded Bed 21.
    Planted more DFBs in the courgette tubs. Spoke encouragingly to the courgettes and thought about picking a couple (but I didn't tell them that!).
    Weeded under the peach and nectarines trees. They're not coping well without the PT cover. Lots of peach leaf curl. Maybe they're not worth growing and I should stick to something less vulnerable? I'll think about it this year.
    Moved most of the herb baby plants out of the GH and onto the outside table.
    Flicked the unfertilised flowers off the apple trees and picked off any fruitlets that looked small.
    Watched a peacock butterfly on a forgetmenot flower. Either the butterfly was lighter than it looked or the flower stem was tougher than it seems.It hardly bent under the weight.
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    Mar 2019


    Put in some more bean canes and planted the runner beans I had started in pots.

    Started digging the raspberry bed at my new allotment, removing the rather weedy looking old raspberries, in preparation for planting new raspberries. I got some bare root ones cheap because it's past normal bare root season. I think they should do fine as long as I keep them watered.
    A lot of digging ahead of me, though. I've only managed to clear about a fifth of the bed. Those raspberry roots grow everywhere, and I really would like to get rid of all of the old ones if I can. I know from experience that they'll regrow from even small bits of root. I swear, they're worse than the actual weeds.
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    Aug 2011
    North East Lincolnshire


    I checked my trays in the greenhouse at home tonight and a few more beans have decided to pop their heads up - yay!

    No need for watering tonight, so I had no excuse but to crack on with my uni essay

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    Painted some modern abstract art. Recon I'm quids in for the Turner prize.

    Took more bags of grass courtesy of the Compost Fairy down to the plot.

    Harvested some of the comfrey to make comfrey tea.

    Cleared the weeds out of the bean bed. Plants out the dwarf runners and the lupini.

    Weeded the perennial root bed and the path around it. Discovered that the comfrey under the hedge is doing even better than I expected.

    I had hoped that eventually it would create a curtain of roots and wall of foliage that would block out all ligt under the hedge so that the weeds would struggle for light. Well its growing I to the canopy of Hawthorn so the wall of foliage is there.

    Behind the comfrey the ramsons also look as if they are thriving. Ramsons are an early spring plant and are up before the comfrey to grow flower and die back by summer. These are there to deny the ground to weeds early on in spring. We'll the leaves are still there and there are lots of fat seeds maturing. Hopefully with these seeds and the splitting of the bulbs the patch will thrive.

    Mulched the path, the perennial root bed and the main potato bed. The spuds I planted in November are all up and doing well. Time will tell if there is any benefit in autumn planting rather than spring planting.

    More weeding and some strimming.

    Mulched the brassicas. I haven't even planted them yet but I mulched the bed anyway.

    Harvested the flower stalks off the Welsh Onions.

    Harvested rhubarb - also chopped off the flower stalk.

    Pulled some scapes out of the 2016 Leeks.

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    “Negative results are just what I want. They’re just as valuable to me as positive results. I can never find the thing that does the job best until I find the ones that don’t.”
    ― Thomas A. Edison

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    Had 10 minutes at the plot this morning - watered a few pots in the tunnel, and did a quick hand weed over the asparagus bed.

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    Watered, planted out two courgettes and sorted out plant supports in the dahlia bed.

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    Feb 2018


    Today I killed my pattypan squash and cucumber plants. I may have overdone the chicken manure....
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