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Thread: Vegetable rotation

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    I recall learning crop rotation at school, back when we used stone tablets. It was in the history lessons on something like 16th century peasant farming and what was subsistance farming.

    Is it relevant these days?

    Need more nitrogen then do I plant legumes for a year I really dislike peas and beans) or add half a box of Growmore?
    One of the rotations was "Leave fallow".

    Our beds are too close these days for disease confinement. If one area has onion white rot if you dig that area and move on to another I am sure noone sterilses the fork/shape and neither do they clean and sterilise their boots. In effect the gardener/grower is spreading the problem.
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    Just mix everything together in a hotchpotch and try not to follow like with like is my motto.
    My Majesty made for him a garden anew in order
    to present to him vegetables and all beautiful flowers.- Offerings of Thutmose III to Amon-Ra (1500 BCE)

    Diversify & prosper

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    It is really interesting to hear about the experiences and practices of people far more knowledgeable than I am. Thanks.

    Whatever happens I'll be sure to avoid the same thing in consecutive years and probably won't be doing much digging in the beds.

    The beds will get a topup of soil and compost this year and I have chicken manure pellets for nitrogen. I think seaweed is more potassium weighted and I think there's an organic multipurpose/tomato feed which is more balanced.

    This year will the second year so will see what happens. Probably give the space leeks space to something else, though, it was a poor showing!
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