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View Poll Results: Do you grow sweetcorn well, badly or not at all

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  • I grow Sweetcorn well

    18 54.55%
  • I grow Sweetcorn badly

    7 21.21%
  • I don't grow Sweetcorn

    8 24.24%
  • I hate the stuff

    1 3.03%
  • I live Oop North

    11 33.33%
  • I live Darn Sowth

    8 24.24%
  • I'm somewhere in the middle

    3 9.09%
  • I don't live in the UK

    0 0%
  • Its none of your business

    3 9.09%
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Thread: Sweetcorn and the North/South Divide.

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    Nov 2009
    South Cheshire


    Cheshire / Staffordshire border. The sweetcorn grows on the Staffordshire side, up on t'moor. Last 2 years we've had success, 12 plants in 2 rows and get around 6 fully formed cobs and the rest (2 per plant) as baby corn. This year it is so sweet SWMBO can't eat it, but number 1 daughter wolfs them down.
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    Default Itís maize for animals

    Quote Originally Posted by cheops View Post
    I donít grow it as I donít really have the space. However all around where I live there are huge fields of it being grown every year.
    Itís not sweetcorn itís maize for animals, like it says in the heading

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    bikermike is online now Cropper
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    Nov 2017
    North London frontier


    I've put my name on the "grow well" side of the ledger, and I grow in the hill stations around London

    Not sure if that's right. had a good season in 17 (grew 6ish plants 2-3 cobs per plant). In 18, I planted it too late and it grew very slowly in the dry and I think I had about 3 cobs off 6 plants. I also used old seed, so I'm ignoring 18 as lots of things weren't right.

    I'll grow it again this year and see what happens

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    Sweetcorns vary not only in their designation as super sweet, tender sweet and all the rest of them, which are pretty meaningless to me, even though I once spent a day looking up sweetcorn genetics. Goodness only knows why, probably displacement activity.

    Anyway, some grow more quickly than others. If you're up north or in marginal territory, or even somewhere like me where you can get in a late crop because temps stay quite warm up to late September, try a sweetcorn that is quick to harvest after germination. Earlibird is apparently 70 days. Lark, my favourite, is 75 days. Swift, according to another thread is 83 days (see post 6 here: Might try Earlibird next year, just to see. Obviously the number of days might vary from those stated, but you're better off with a quick-growing one than another variety that needs longer if your conditions aren't ideal.

    I get two cobs per plant. A third cob sometimes grows but is never worth eating on the cob, my favourite way of eating it. Maybe some varieties that produce small cobs (I've seen some that produce eight rows of kernels only) might put out more. But any cobs, even just one per plant, makes it worth growing in my book.
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    Lark is my favourite too!

    And although not blowing my own trumpet, not bad at growing it either, a little demanding, takes up a lot of space, average 4 cobs per plant, but far, far more superior than supermarket stuff and grow it for no other reason than that, yet again a little return of superior goods rather than the rubbish you can buy is well worth the effort in my eyes!

    Class it as a delicacy, a little like Aparagus!

    Not a big return, but well worth the wait!
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    Feb 2018


    It does OK. This year was the best so far. Previously tried the sfg spacing of 4 per square foot. This year went 1 per square foot and I think that helped.
    square foot spacing is different for different types of corn.

    ext year will be an heirloom variety called Bantam and I'll see if I can save seed from it.
    is the variety you plan on planting called "Golden Bantam"

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