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Thread: Chillies - growing and overwintering 2018

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    I grew Jalapeno "M" this year, did anyone else ?.
    No heat whatsoever, just a sweet pepper taste, pleasant enough but.....

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    My Lemon Drop is finally turning; had all green pods last weekend, now it has at least four full yellow and others transitioning. That hot day yesterday (weds) seems to have provided the much needed kick up the proverbial to get them over the line.. Even the Tokyo Hot that I posted a picture of looking resolutely green has got it's act together; more orange to reds pods than green now.

    The forecast here next couple of weeks looks fair, so mine will stay where they are for the time being. Good thing actually because the overwintering spot is currently out of commission for decorating
    (best get a move on with that me thinks, don't need to get caught out when the next cold snap comes with little warning..)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet View Post
    Where at you? Iím in the south west and already my Dahlias have been frosted.
    I'm in Cambridge, in the east / south east, so one of the UK's warmer spots (not that that counts for much!), plus a bit of urban heat island effect. It's forecast for as low as 8 on Sunday night, but otherwise lows should be above 10 for the rest of the week. Fingers crossed!

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    Chillies - growing and overwintering 2018-chilli-harvest-resized.jpg

    So did my first harvest in the sun yesterday. What a glorious day. Think it was perfect timing as we have the first dew this morning so they don't have long left before the weather starts to affect them. Second harvest will be a lot less, only be a few here and there. Maybe a small bucket
    From left to right
    Top row: Vietnamese Chilli I got in a restaurant in Hanoi, Paper Lantern, Random Chilis( Look like a cross between Jalapeno and Cayenne), Peach Habanero
    Middle row: Ring of Fire, Yellow Bhut Jalokia, Orange Habanero, Cayenne
    Bottom row: Devils Tongue Yellow, Jalapeno, Lemon Drop, Chocolate Habanero, Thai Hot Dragon

    Dehydrator was going all night for chilli oil. Will do a few sauces over the next few days and definitely want to try that jalapeno relish above.
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