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Thread: Chilli (Padron) Storing and Cooking

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    What do you want to use them for once stored? I don't think you could store them and expect to make pimentos de padron. There are lots of ways to store chillies, you can freeze, dry in a low oven, or pickle them. If you were wanting to use them as a seasoning in stews etc you'd probably want to wait until they ripen (turn red) to get the fullest flavour. For pickling green would be ok. To be honest I always eat my padrons fresh, I grow other varieties, like aji, cayenne and jalapeños, for preserving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bramble View Post
    My question is more about when to pick them.
    When do you know when they are ripe.
    I have a really good crop of Padrons this year and dont want to pick them too soon.
    They are most often used when green - I pick when they are fairly large at 2-3in long. The ones in the shops are generally an inch to an inch and a half long. They will increase in heat with size & maturity. Plus the more you pick, the more the bushes will produce. I usually grow 6-8 plants for the two of us and will take 5-6 off each per week, sometimes more. But we really, really like them.

    I have left a few to go all the way through to red at the end of the season and they are hot.
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    I concur that they are best eaten fresh quickly fried whole in salt and olive oil. I've recently tried another way which was filled with cream cheese well seasoned. You then wrap in pancetta or streaky bacon and BBQ until the bacon is crisp.
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    Thanks Sparrow. I will start picking them tomorrow.

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