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Thread: Best soil for Cucumbers and Tomatoes

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    Ive always used B&Q verve compost

    Ive seem some people mix in vermiculite or perlite too
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    Hi Dynamite

    Welcome to the forum, I just use normal MPC mixed with perlite (you can use horticultural vermiculite as well) for added aeriation and drainage to the roots. There is no need to added any extra feed in the first couple of months as there will be sufficient nutients already in the MPC. You need to start feeding soon as the first fruits are forming on the Tomato plants according to the instructions on the Tomato feed bottle.

    You can get bottles of Tomato feed (and Vermiculite) in Poundland for you guessed it ...... 1, you don't need to buy the most expensive as they are all similar for nutrients and contents. You can add something extra like Charge (a fertilser made from the pooh of Beetles) for an extra boost, I use Charge on my chilli plants which made them grow to monster sizes last year.

    Don't ask me about Cucumbers as I've never been succesful and manage to kill them every time I try to grow them.

    Above all have fun growing them and hope you have a good year with plenty of fruits.
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    For tomatoes, make sure the compost isn't too rich in Nitrogen. This encourages growth & leaves but discourages flowers and fruit (which is after all why you're growing them). I did a little experiment a couple of years ago and put a generous handful of chicken manure in the hole when I planted some of my plants (I grow in the borders of the polytunnel). The plants grew taller which meant I had fewer trusses before they reached the top of the polytunnel.

    Swings and roundabouts.

    This year I'll be growing in standard MPC compost in the greenhouse and will use BFB as the fertiliser.
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    Verve compost in B&Q 1 buckets with some chopped up comfrey in the Base as you plant the toms in. Then nettle tea, comfrey and / or seaweed feed once a week when you water. Got great yields last year from this.
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