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Thread: Tomato Seedlings - Transplanting advice

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    I disagree with planting up to the seed leaves, plant up to the true leaves, then all that stem becomes a root.
    Ideally, you need to keep them in a cheap heated propagator in the greenhouse, so they get warmth at night and light/warmth during the day.
    Make sure you hold the seed leaves for transplanting and not the stem or true leaves.

    It may be worth sowing some more, as these may not survive without some tlc.
    Was a little early even for the south coast (March would have been better, as light levels are better/longer).
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    Feed the soil, not the plants.
    (helps if you have cluckies)

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishpond View Post
    I disagree with planting up to the seed leaves, plant up to the true leaves,
    The true leaves have only just sprouted getting energy from the seed leaves,I wouldn't bury the seed leaves with a seedling that small.
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    As everybody has said, plant them into 7cm pots up to the seed leaves. If you don't have a heated greenhouse or any other form of heat outside, you can take them in and out in the morning and evening so that they get most light. Just try to ensure that the temperature in the greenhouse is 10C or more.

    (I haven't sown my tomatoes yet - I think its too cold).
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