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Thread: Help with tomato plants please

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    Thank you everyone. Will get some Epsom salts tomorrow. I guess if it's blight they are all done for now. A live and learn moment. Next year I shall order some decent seeds in the hope it helps. Shame as they are so nearly ready. Thanks for the link and help I am reading it all avidly.
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    Our outdoor ones look like that. Probably a combination of nutrient defiency and suuden drop in temps.

    There's not a great deal you can do about blight, even so called resitant varieties tend to get it eventually. Even last year when it was very dry, our outdoor ones eventully succumbed. I pulled out a Roma the other day which was affected and froze all the toms for green tomato chutney. I only grow spares outside as I've found the only way to avoid it is to grow undercover. I don't think yours have blight though so don't pull them yet.
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