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    Quote Originally Posted by richard49 View Post
    I'm sorry to have taken a time to get back to you as I've been away for a few days.

    The tomatoes in the poly-tunnel which died were all replaced with ones from a garden centre and put into pots of clean bagged compost and a couple of those are getting that yellowing at the top of the plant. Other than that they appear to be growing just fine.

    I take it I would need to get a soil test kit to check where I planted the tomatoes outside; does it matter which kit I get, is one any better than any other?

    I've been watering the plants every day, when it's hot twice a day.

    I take note of your response about watering over the roots of the plants where I should be watering in a circle around the outside to prevent the roots from rotting; you could be right there.

    Oh well, I'll have to wait until next year now to put it all into practice...

    Thank you all for your very kind comments and the welcome to this group, it's very much appreciated...

    First thing that crossed my mind was over watering. The ground looked rather damp in one
    of the pics. I water mine every day but with a can using waste dishwater so I never have that
    much water available so difficult for me to drown then.

    So I tend to agree with solanaceae, perhaps you could ask the more successful growers
    how much water their plants get?

    If the roots are wet all the time they will likely rot and then the plant will be deficient in every

    You might just be killing the with kindness.

    Mine are never watered twice a day, when I first started growing stuff (tobacco) I gave them tonnes
    of water, and all the plants turned yellow, apart from anything else I am probably washing all the nutrients out of the soil.

    Much safer to under water than over do it, a wilted plant will make a miraculous recovery but
    over watering can kill a plant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richard49 View Post

    I've been watering the plants every day
    There's no need to water that often, unless you're growing bog plants

    My toms outside get watered once a week, if that. Plants in containers, of course, can't access groundwater, so they DO need more frequent watering.

    Rather than keep buying new plants to sacrifice in the ground, it might be worth growing a few in 10 litre pots (with a saucer underneath) so you can learn how much water is needed. Water into the saucer only, not on the soil. The plant will drink what it needs, and when water is being left in the saucer that means the plant is "full up"
    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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    As all you plants seem to be dying and you have some in the soil and some in compost, it looks like a case of over-watering and most of the nutrients have been washed out. The soil especially looks very wet and compact, as roots also need air.
    A little and often is the motto, it could be many deficiencies but finding out which one will not really help.

    Some tomato liquid feed at each watering could bring them back, but do not try making it extra strength to help. If you have no tomato feed, flowe feed will do as it has a higher nitrogen content which will help.

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