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Thread: veg and poisons question??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aberdeenplotter View Post
    If care is taken,
    yeh..that's the problem...sometimes you don't know until it affects your plants!

    Hopefully they were careful- and's their land and they can do what they want ( within the law)...but the potential of accidentally poisoning crops is very worrying.

    Yup- they may have been very careful in Jen's case...but I can relate to people unintentionally causing distress-especially after the care she has put into producing healthy crops for her young family.

    Fingers crossed all will be OK...but if the wind had been in another direction etc etc ...who knows.

    Always best I think to have a friendly word no matter how frustrated you feel eh??
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    Maybe your neighbour is just a sneaky b**ch like me. I was sick of neighbours with unruly offspring and pets. My strategy was to be seen spraying my land and plants frequently.

    if my sister came to visit with her dogs I made a point of telling her (loudly)not to let them go on the land in case they got poisoned.

    If they ask what I have sprayed I tell them everything, weedkiller, bug killer, anti-fungal etc.

    Generally there is only water in my sprayer and occasionally soapy water but at least my neighbours keep well clear with their 2 and 4 legged pests.
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    Hopefully your neighbour was careful, but if she cannot remember the name of the weedkiller used, that would worryingly suggest to me that she didn't look at the packet very closely, so may not have read any instructions or precautionary advice on it. It's a wait and see jobbie, lass. If it was a contact killer, anything of yours that caught spray drift will be shrivelling by now. If nothing is, you're in the clear. Have a look-see over the fence and see what in her garden is dying and how close it is to you.
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    There are usually only two types of weedkiller available to the amateur gardener, Glyphosate or Sodium Chlorate based.The very fact it was deemed a contact weedkiller
    Sounds like it was a weak solution of Glyphosate to me which when applied thoughtfully,shouldn't cause a problem to neighbouring gardens.
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    I use contact weed killer on my concrete patios, sometimes very close to my veg containers.

    I always choose a calm day and am careful to ensure none goes on to my veg. To date I have not had a problem, lets hope they are not 'famous last words'.
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