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Thread: Squash/Pumpkin Identification

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    another vote for Sharks Fin !
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    Quote Originally Posted by binley100 View Post
    Sharks fin melon ........have you a chainsaw handy to open it with?

    I was given one , tbh it tastes of nothing really . Very gelatinous , b@gger to get into so when they say peel and deseed go into the workshop and find the sharpest strong tool you possess.
    I was expecting a fight but it gave up quite easily to a large kitchen knife. Sliced like a melon rather than a pumpkin. Huge seed interior in a very fibrous membrane, with very little flesh for it's size. I looked at all the Asian recipes for it, and they mainly contained stuff I didn't have or stuff I'd never heard of. So I just went with a basic chop in to a pan with carrot, onion, celery, salt and pepper and water. It's taste was hard to pinpoint, it was like a mild cross between potato, melon and turnip.

    I've kept a big pile of seeds to see if I can dry them properly. Maybe smaller ones will have more flesh.
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