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    Wow, thanks for the great replies. Well just over a week ago, I planted a couple more sets of seeds, some Apaches and some Joes Long. This morning the Joes Long are starting to come through.

    See attachment for image.

    What should I be doing at this stage, I've opened the vent slightly, but not fully yet (as some seeds haven't come up yet. And I've still kept it covered up, so no light yet. I was thinking it was best to wait until more of the seeds have popped above the surface.

    So should I be taking these out to pot on already into 10cm pots? And if I should, should I take them without soil at this stage, just bare?

    Sorry for so many questions.

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    don't move them until they are a bit bigger and slightly less fragile. if possible get you propagator onto a windowsill to give the seedlings some light. or you can try and use artificial light.

    i just wrote a blog post about how i sometimes use existing light sources at the early stages - useful if you haven't got purpose built grow lights: Grow Lights on the Cheap | The Chilli King

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