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Thread: cucumbers

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    Quote Originally Posted by solway cropper View Post
    I've been giving them to neighbours. Last week two of my plants had 14 good sized cukes between them. They are F1 all female in a greenhouse. The crystal lemon have yet to produce a fruit though.
    What variety are the two good croppers?

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    I planted a couple of outdoor cucumbers from Real Seeds in my old council recycling tub my greenhouse. They are both over 6ft high now and I'm going to trail them out of the top window vent.They are both producing side shots at each leaf node, these are to be removed right? I've also got lovely little cucumbers at each node too. Hopefully they won't drop. I'm feeding them (and all my tomatoes) on the worm pee from my wormery.

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    I had a really good crop of telegraph cucumbers last year, so have grown them this year too, but the first one I took off last week isn't as nice as last years ... it's got quite a strong taste and slightly bitter.

    Did I harvest it too early?

    Would the taste have been better if I'd left it a bit longer?

    Any recommendations please or are they destined for the compost bin?
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