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    We actually have two holidays this year. The first is beginning of July and my Dad will look after our lottie , so I know watering weeding and harvesting will be done there. He'll probably pop in home to make sure my kids haven't killed off the GH crops.
    The next one in September , a work colleague has volunteered for lottie duty and they have looked after somebodies before so I'm hoping that the weeding will get done as well .
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    Holiday? What's that then?!

    Seriously though, I have a few very good lottie neighbours who kept an eye on my greenhouse last year when I was struggling to get my smashed ankle working again. I would often not get there til later in the day and find that my greenhouse door had been opened and the tomatoes watered already I know that the same folks would gladly keep an eye if we went away. Weeding might be a bit too hopeful though, particularly over a short break. Things like thick mulches ought to keep weeds down sufficiently anyway, and mitigate the need for water on outdoor crops.

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    I got some good advice on here, from Two Sheds and Zaz I think - wet a towel in the bath and put your pots on it, it worked for two breaks earlier this year for us. the pots draw the water up via capillary action - same as getting the proper matting, but cheaper Outdoor wise, I've no idea - although I've just bought a auto water system from hozelock!

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    Hi guys and gals,

    I am really interested in the auto watering systems one for my greenhouse 6'x6' with around 14 plants and one to traverse my many and varied pots & baskets around the patio [several dozen] and out to the front of the house to four pots there.

    They all look so complicated and expensive [and experimental] so what would you recommend? The greenhouse one would have to run from a water but but the other can go on the outside tap.

    I'm just thinking about what the other half can give me for my birthday next month and this thread popped up. So I can afford to expect something a bit lavish.

    Ta all.

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    I've been saving the bags from 3 Litre Wine boxes. They had to be the type with the 'twist' tap, not the 'push' type. So, this year when we go away, each pot that can't be accessed by hose or waterer, will have a drip bag or two, to keep it watered.

    We even started drinking a wine we didn't like quite so much, so I could have the bags!!! How's that for dedication?
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    We never go on holiday for a long time & most of my plants & crops are in pots so I generally just group pots together, put them all on saucers & give everything a really good soak just before we leave. Living in the Manchester area though I needn't worry, if it usually rains enough to keep everything going anyway!
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    The last time I went on holiday I just pinned a note (PLEASE WATER ME, BACK ON FRIDAY) to my watering can and left it in the greenhouse. My greenhouse is next to the allotment path and plants were fine when I someone had taken the hint and helped me out............
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    i dont go away
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