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View Poll Results: We want to know if you use peat or have done so in the past?

78. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yes, I have never considered the environmental problems caused by using peat

    12 15.38%
  • Sometimes, I will only use peat if nothing else is readily available

    12 15.38%
  • Yes, I have used it in the past, but only by accident as the product was not labelled ‘Peat Free’

    9 11.54%
  • Yes, I used it before it became common knowledge that it was bad for the environment

    31 39.74%
  • No, I have never used it

    11 14.10%
  • Other (please specify)

    3 3.85%
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    like sarraceniac I find nothing else but peat will do for carnivourous plants .I switched my general use compost to peat free when it first became available BUT and its a big one the quality of most peat free composts is terrible as stated earlier,sticks ,bits of wire and plastic and a seemingly lower fertility,didn't the GYO tests last year show that b&q multipurpose compost (which is or was peat based) came top.
    i'm all for saving our wetland habitat but don't foist off recycled and improperly prepared substandard "compost " that I've already paid the council to take away in my brown bin,so that you can make a fat profit and tell me it's good for the environment.
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    Unfortunately my main concern when buying MPC is the cost. I tend to use a lot of MPC in a year and when I can get 4 bags for £12 then I don't look to see what is in it. I do believe however that most of the DIY stores are reducing the amount of peat in MPC and this year I am finding a fair amount of wool, wood chip and other waste products.


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    gemlady is offline Rooter
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    Mar 2008


    I've always tried to buy peat free compost, but the other day bought 3 bags for £12 from local garden centre and it's just rubbish. Loads of twigs and stuff and doesn't hold moisture at all, very dry. Have sown some seeds but not hopeful they will come up.

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