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View Poll Results: We want to know if you use peat or have done so in the past?

78. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yes, I have never considered the environmental problems caused by using peat

    12 15.38%
  • Sometimes, I will only use peat if nothing else is readily available

    12 15.38%
  • Yes, I have used it in the past, but only by accident as the product was not labelled ‘Peat Free’

    9 11.54%
  • Yes, I used it before it became common knowledge that it was bad for the environment

    31 39.74%
  • No, I have never used it

    11 14.10%
  • Other (please specify)

    3 3.85%
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    Mar 2010
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    Hi, I am a complete newbie to gardening and although I try to look for Peat-Free MPC because of the environmental concern, it isnt always clear from the labelling whether it contains Peat or not. Being generally quite uninformed about soil properties, I tend to buy either Peat-Free MPC or whatever is recommended from a book, packet or website in relation to that variety.

    When something suggests Soil-Less Compost or something like that I honestly couldnt tell you whether that means it is peat-based or not So I think labelling and education/information is the issue for me.

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    smallblueplanet's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
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    I have in the past used 'derived peat' - Moorland Gold.

    Moorland Gold Derived Peat is ... a naturally washed peat product comprising of leaf mould and sphagnum. This is collected without damage to the surrounding countryside through a unique source of water filtration, helping protect peat bogs for future generations. Moorland Gold, rich in naturally occurring minerals and trace elements, combined with other sustainable ingredients creates an ideal growing media. All growing media made from Moorland Gold carry the Soil Association Symbol of Approval.
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    Paisley, Scotland


    I have used peat-based composts in the past, but now that peat-free composts seem a viable alternative, and in some cases even better than peat-based composts, I'll switch to them. As a novice gardner, I felt my plants needed all the help they could get, and peat-free was considered a poorer growing medium.

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    I, too, have used it in the past. Since becoming more environmentally aware, however, I don't. I never cease to be amazed at the 'garbage' one finds in a bag of 'compost. Just recently, I found I had wire, electrical connectors, and sticks longer and thicker than my fingers. All these came to light as the medium was so lumpy I had to sieve it before use, despite the bag saying 'suitable for sowing...' Luckily it was cheap.
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    As I can't vote for 2- then I can't vote

    Of course we all bought peat based products years ago- we knew no better- and to my knowledge there wasn't an alternative.
    I've never bought peat based composts until I came to France...and I can't seem to find a non peat based product much for an 'environmentally aware ' country!

    Count yourselves lucky you have a choice!
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    vegnut's Avatar
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    Yes i did use peat based composts in the past before the environmentally friendly thing kicked in.
    I must admit that i hate the thought of helping to destroy our peat bogs. So i now do my utmost to buy other types of composts.
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    sarraceniac's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    Yorkshire coast. Zone 8b


    I try to use the 'Moorland Gold' that SBP talks about but you can't often get it round this neck of the woods.

    As my beloved carnivorous plants demand an acid growing medium with no nutrition in it at all I am a bit stuck and am really forced to use peat. I did try my own mix of coir and sphagnum moss but the sarras started to look very poorly and I had to go back to peat. About every 3 years I give my blueberries a 'refresh' of peat and a mulch of pine needles as well. Does my neutral soil no end of good.
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    northepaul's Avatar
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    Nov 2009


    I always use peat free now, but didnt know about the damage it did to the environment previously.

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