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Thread: Square foot gardening.

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    how long, how wide and what orientation are you square foot beds monkeyboy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fivequidnote View Post
    how long, how wide and what orientation are you square foot beds monkeyboy?
    See post #784 ( I think!) there are photos of his set up.

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    Default Fallen behind

    I was going to post this in SFG thread but that looks like it's been archived.

    I think similar towards the end of last year, I've been incredibly busy this year with work and home life and very little time for the garden.

    Good points
    Garlic - planted out in December; doing well. Flowers are starting to develop.
    Onions - again, doing reasonably well
    Sweetcorn - growing well, the bushy top flowery things have developed
    Potatoes - growing in buckets really well despite my lack of watering
    Calabrese - the calabrese that's outdoors have started to make the little bud that develops into calabrese

    Bad points
    Calabrese - I didn't get a chance to plant them all out. There are some still in small pots in the propagator and they're in need of transplanting and feeding.
    Padron peppers - again, need a larger pot. These have the whitefly things on them that they had last year. Not doing well.
    Celery - again, turning light green and pale due to lack of space, feed and water.
    Tomatoes -still indoors, need larger pots and feeding; flowers developed and I spotted a tomato growing last night.
    Carrots - seem to be growing okay in a container.

    Will they catch up once transplanted into their final positions with feed and water?

    Really bad
    Strawberry plants - the flowers have developed and are turning into green strawberry bud things but they're getting damaged or eaten or something. I need netting over them. One plant has turned brown and I don't know why.
    Blueberry plants - still small and hasn't grown much.
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    Monkeyboy - I've moved the SFG thread back and merged your post so you can post on it now.
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