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Thread: Square Foot Gardening

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    So how did everyone get on with their square foot gardening? It's often said that you get more and better produce by making a small patch super-fertile than by spreading out your soil conditioners over a large area. I have found this to be true, in the past when I had only one small bed about 5 foot square we got lots of food out of it, but the temptation to have more ground always wins! A mix of veg works better than monocultures in small and large areas, but is fiddlier to weed and look after. Onions carrots beets and turnips alternating in one bed are much less prone to pests than in beds of one species and spaced about 4" each way you do get more of everything than in rows - at least that was my experience, growing organically.
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    Hi Optiminx, this is a very old thread. This is the current one
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