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Thread: Carrots indoors

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    I grow all my carrots in B&Q buckets.Apart from thinning now and again and keeping the soil moist,they get left to their own devices!Usually sow into bucket and place in mini greenhouse until up, and low risk of frost, then move outside.

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    i planted some on the 12th january, i now have 4 to 5 inch high carrot plants, im using 5 litre containers on there sides with the side cut out at the top , bq compost,

    The containers are only about 6 inch deep, i planted 3 types, paris market, amsterdam forceing and little finger all look similar so far, about 5 inch high leaves

    How long should it be till they start to form small carrots, i only want 1/2 inch wide ones or so, baby carrot size , will i be able to see the carrot width from above the compost?

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