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    Default Twine and tomatoes - a problem?

    Just been clearing the rest of the botrytis infected tomatoes from the greenhouse and noticed that where the toms were tied to their canes there was mould. I've used jute twine this year and wonder whether the natural fibres are absorbing and holding moisture and are, perhaps, the seat of the infection?
    I'd put the botrytis down to the dreadful weather this year as I've never had so much of it before - BUT I've used plastic string until now.
    Has anyone else noticed this?
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    I tend to use twisty wire or Velcro tape, which I found this year in Home Bargains. It was in the gardening section - Dutch I think. Anyhow, having used string in the past I can't say I have seen it cause Botryitis. I just think it's a case of not enough ventilation owing to being too damned terrified of catching blight plus damp damp damp weather. We were all unlucky VC - roll on 2013
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    I use string every year and it's not usually a problem. I just prefer something I can just throw on the compost heap without thinking rather than separating the plastic stuff.

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    I think it is just the case that any string or twine damages stems and makes the site more vulnerable to any fungal infection that is out there. While the greenhouse toms were fine here, all the outdoor ones succumbed to blight in mid summer and I noticed like you that the stems were ringed round with brown fungal marks where they were tied in to the canes.
    Having said that, in a better year they would not get infected and if blight is out there blowing in the wind, then it will find its way to your plants no matter what. The only hope is to shelter you plants from the wind and rain with polythene covers over them (as a 'roof') and to avoid obvious things like overwintered spores on potato volunteers.

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