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Thread: Greenhouse vs Polytunnel

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    More or less what I did a few years ago - I bought a small cheap one which is still just hanging in there 4 years later, although the zips broke and then bought a second-hand frame and discounted polythene 2 years ago and built myself a much larger one. This last is 3m x 6m and still a bit of a work in progress, I've now bought some extra framing to extend it a bit.
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    No straight amswer to this one.
    Polytunnels are cheaper than a greenhouse per sqaure footage of growing space. They are not very economical to heat if you need to and the covers do degrade albeit slowly. I dont use mine for propagation just cultivation.
    Greenhouses are cheaper to heat if insulated correctly but can sustain damage in exposed areas as they are rigid and dont move like a tunnel. I have 3 houses all 8x6 but one is for sowing and propagating only Greenhouses are easier to stage out and keep clean. If you buy a tunnel go for width 10ft plus with central path to keep cold wind off crops. If i had to make the choice i would go for the versatility of tunnel but your eye for a greenhouse theres loads on Facebook buy and sell pages. Good luck.

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    My 10p's worth...

    The galvanized frames of polytunnels on ebay if at least 19mm width tubes are very sturdy, mine has been going for nearly 6 years now and not a sign of damage, corrosion etc. The covers though are a different matter and virtually worthless. Best to sell it on to someone who needs it and buy some decent polythene to cover the polytunnel.
    This does involve a bit more work battening down the polythene properly but definitely worth it.
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    Don't know how often you go to your plot, lymm - but my GH needed watering everyday, sometimes twice a day, this summer. Whatever you get, PT or GH, consider how you'll cope with the watering they need.
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    I have a 20ftx10ft polytunnel and two 8ftx8ft greenhouses.

    I find that the greenhouses are better for tomatoes which I grow in buckets and the polytunnel is better for things like French Beans, lettuces, courgettes and the like. I used to grow tomatoes in the polytunnel but you have to replace the soil which is hard work.

    As VC says think about how you're going to water stuff in either, they dry out quite easily. You can collect water from a greenhouse more easily than from a polytunnel.

    Final point - how exposed is your site? Greenhouses tend to be more robust against wind than polytunnels.

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