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Thread: Freebie Cheapy Polytunnel

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Bee View Post
    I remember Bigmal saying he used nylon washing line stretched over the cover and anchored down on each side very firmly. I always thought that holding the whole thing down rather than attempting to secure the frame and secure the cover was more likely to be successful. I'd veto the bungee cord, as you don't want flex, I don't think.

    Have fun!
    That's sort of what I'd be aiming for. I've 550 paracord (bright yellow) and 1 1/2 foot long metal rebar tent pegs so half a dozen or so lines tied off to the pegs will hopefully hold it down.

    The spot that it's going into is sheltered a bit by the neighbours shed and polytunnel so it should hopefully get a bit of a wind shadow.

    I used to have the 6x4 tent blowaways and I staked the corners with broom handles and used paracord to secure it and plant troughs along the sides on top of the trench with the cover buried in it. It was still up three years after I gave up that plot.

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    Default Anchors etc.

    So far my 'blowaway' 3mx6m tunnel has been well anchored by burying six car tyres and roping the frame to them. The plastic sides have had to be well trenched in. For next winter I am considering roping a tarpaulin sheet over the top half of the tunnel to try and stop the flogging in the wind. Got rid of the zip entry with a light wood frame door.

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