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Thread: Neglected Wooden Greenhouse

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    nickdub is online now Early Fruiter
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    Your GH looks OK and I agree with whats been suggested so far re getting it dug out and giving the wood a coat of preservative - may be ranch paint.
    In addition if you have or can get a some aluminum angle lengths, then I'd use some pieces of that to strengthen any suspect glazing bars by screwing it to the insides of them. Also I'd use sheets of plywood to strengthen the base of the walls if necessary and finally I'd consider using poly-carbonate sheets as opposed to glass where you need new bits for the roof - its easier to work with, fix, virtually unbreakable and though it doesn't let through quite so much light the difference is not usually a problem.

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    Get yourself a copy of the Greenhouse Expert: Dr Hessayon. Alan Titchmarsh did one too. Order from your library, or for a couple squid on Amazon
    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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    Wow, I love the look of that greenhouse! If you are looking for cheap ways of doing raised beds, I can thoroughly recommend IKEA bags - yes, the blue ones that you buy for 1.50 to take your shopping home.

    I have used several of them outdoors this summer and they've been a roaring success! They do take a lot of compost, so I'd recommend putting lots of 'raw' stuff in the bottom.

    I am putting them around the edges of the greenhouse next year. I just wish I'd thought of it for this year!!

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    ESBkevin is offline Tuber
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    Good looking greenhouse and you've done a good job so far. I agree with the advice above particularly getting the soil away from the timber base sides. Then a good soak in preservative (better at this time of year if it's dry so the wood absorbs lots of it.
    Chuck the staging or at least set it aside for serious repair. I would think there is enough timber in those tumble down sheds to cut and make new staging when you get time. Just clean off the glass, after all these years of non use there is unlikely to be much disease lurking there that a wash of the glass and a coat of timber preservative won't sort out.

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    bikermike is offline Cropper
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    + 1 for clearing the soil away, and cut back any vegetation as that will hold moisture close to it. also try to work the levels so that water drains away from the greenhouse.

    In general with any building damp comes up from the ground and down from above, so if you are short of time, concentrate on the roof and the footings.

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