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Thread: What the heck Amazon?

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    Pity I only just noticed this ...I bet a local nursery school would have loved to of had the boxes for the children to play in....or did they have those wickedly sharp huuuge staples ?

    I spent many a happy hour playing in large boxes like those when I was a nipper.
    Probably accounts for a lot!
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    Might be other people on your plot who'd be glad of the cardboard to put down as a mulch to deter weeds.

    And to Eric, I understand it's a good idea to stick to just one variety of sweetcorn as cross-pollination can affect the quality of the kernels. Mind you, if the Early Bird pollen appeared a long time before the Swift silks were ready, that may not have been a problem. Me, I grow Lark. One of the quick varieties good for UK growing but does very well here too.
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    Too late now but one can offer seemingly "useless" things for free on Freecycle, Freegle or Gumtree. You'd be surprised what some people need. We're on the move a lot and always grateful for free boxes and packaging paper, even those huge ones would've been great for our plushies, pillows and duvets.

    I would've also jumped at the paper - great for crafts, like paper bead making and papier mache.

    Of course, it's a garden forum so I guess I should promote the free mulch for allotments.
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