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Thread: Storm Doris Had it in for my Polytunnel :(

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    Sorry about the damage, Marie
    Once you have your GH, you could cover the PT frame with netting and use it as a fruit/brassica cage. Its great having one you can walk into
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    burnie is online now Veggie gardener
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    If you've not looked already, I can recommend the Rhino greenhouses as well built for windy/exposed areas(I'm not on commission, but if enough follow them, I might just give 'em a ring lol)
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    that is not nice Marie,bloomin Doris,i agree with others,about what to do with the frame,also put string up and use for a bean/cue and tomato frame.
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    Very good ideas. Love the idea of a walk in frame. Nothing will be wasted if I can help it

    We are definitely hoping to get a Rhino because it's got such good recommendations and it's a fairly local company too. I would hope that can cope with wind a bit better than the poor old polytunnel.

    We measured the space out just a couple of days ago with bamboo sticks and string and I'm hoping I can convince hubby to go for the bigger 8 x 12 option which is the largest that can fit in the space. He wasn't happy at the prospect of moving the washing pole which is cemented in but I'm more interested in my female cave!

    But I can't believe how strong the wind is today never seen anything like it.
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    I'v just been over to mine and put the mesh back over the brassicas and a plastic panel back into the greenhouse. The worst is about to start here - fingers crossed it's all ok when I get back.

    Likewise fingers crossed the damage is minimal for everyone else.
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    Dorothy rouse's Avatar
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    Oh no, how awful, hope you can salvage something, or maybe youre just wanting your new greenhouse?
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    Had to leave for work in a rush this morning but the winds last night were horrific....Pretty sure i seen some polycarbonate sheets flying around from one of my greenhouses too, so more repairs on the horizon...Think I will just repair them with glass if they badly daamaged...
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    Hi Marie, that`s exactly how my polytunnel looked last year, except is was on my neighbours allotment! haven`t errected my new one yet, just been marking out the new site, and getting suitable tie downs so it doesn`t happen again! hopefully. I`m using dog stakes to hold it all down with tow rope tied to the upper joints, I`ll take pics when it happens so you`ll get the drift.
    Now then, the thought of a "female cave" ? do you dress up in animal skin?
    Girls are like flowers, a little attention every day and they`ll blossom.

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