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    What I did today

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    Sowed some F1 Kestrel and Detroit beetroot.
    Sowed some Hollow Crown pars**ps
    Sowed some Snowball turnip.
    Sowed some Ramosa calabrese.
    Sowed king horn wax beans in modules.
    Sowed some Alderman peas.
    Sowed Kohl Rabbi.
    Transplanted some lettuce from trays to beds.

    Busy day!!

    • eospete
      eospete commented
      Editing a comment
      Last two warmer days saw some plants cooked in greenhouse -oops!. Last night watering both toms and basil back but not sorrel. Hadn't been able to water cos of work.
      Pot up basil today and 100/1000 toms
      potted on lemongrass v slow growing not enough light/exhausted compost. grit mulched
      Transplanted flag iris from some thrown away at work.
      Running out of GH space so planted out two hestia seedlings under cloches and kept two in GH
      bought Peiris plant
      earthed up Charlotte pots
      potted on Stevia plants slow growth possibly down to exhausted compost
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