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    Default Water collection


    Has anyone used these for collecting water?

    I have a friend who has two of these Blue tanks and they say they are great and much better than the transparent ones.

    These blue ones keep the water clear and algae free, they also dont crack after time or break in hard frosts because the plastic is UV stabilised.

    I did read (on here I think) about covering a transparant IBC tank in pond liner to keep the water clear and protect the plastic,, this seems like a much better alternative to doing that.

    1000L IBC, Hosepipe tap, Water Butt, Water storage, Bio-Oil, Allotment | eBay

    Thankyou for your help,,

    Green shoots xx

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    Bampton, Devon


    GS, what are you going to do with the water collected?

    That tank looks seriously susbstantial!!!

    Personally I have only ever used "water butts" but I am only collecting for the garden.

    2 of my butts (no jokes, please, VC et al!) are from Wilkos, and it shows! and 2 were from the water company and are very high class and no more expensive than the one on your link (including all the stands, guttering linkage, etc)

    Oh, forgot to say, only have a garden, you may be collecting for the lottie??

    This wiffle probably doesn't help, but someone sensible will be along soon!
    If the river hasn't reached the top of your step, DON'T PANIC!

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