Another of my weirdies, but again it is free (unless 50 people want some ).

Zea mays is the original Native American corn. You can eat it if you are either a health freak or desperate but I grow it as an ornamental. The stems, leaves and cobs are phenomenal in looks. Red and green striped and the cob is small black kernels. If you Google 'Zea Mays' you will get loads of info.

As usual I don't want any SAEs or swaps (but if you want to send me some chili seed from ones I haven't grown I'd love it) but if anybody wants a great filler for the ornamental border, or something to grow for that dried arrangement, then just PM me.

As usual, I will proably be slow in posting (but not as slow as modern Royal Mail is in delivering) but you don't want to plant until March (under cover).