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    Lightbulb The Virtual Seed Parcel V4 UK AND FRANCE!

    Good news.

    The Virtual Seed Parcel is open to both UK and French Grapes!

    Virtual Seed Parcel UK
    Virtual Seed Parcel FRANCE

    The idea:

    This is a Virtual Seed Swap, where you decide for example that you have 10 packs of seeds that you don't want, and you want to exchange them for 10 on the list that you do want. You pack them up [please double check the seals as seeds leaked in the bottom of an envelope are no good], and send them to Zazen for UK and Scarey for France and we'll swap them for 10 packs on the list and send them back to you.

    The instructions:

    If you have seeds to swap, have a look at the website, and draw up your wish list.

    Then send us a PM;
    Zazen for UK swap and
    Scarey for French swap

    and we will send you an address to send your swaps to.

    Seeds are picked on a first come first served basis, so if you and 3 others choose the one remaining packet of seeds, and the pack isn't big enough to split - then the first one to get their swaps to us bags it.

    When you send your seeds, you need to also send:
    at least 2 Large Letter stamps;
    a label with the address that you want the seeds sending to,
    your 'want' list with your name and your Grape name on it.

    When you send your seeds, you need to also send:
    Stamps to the value of at least 1 (2 normal Marianne rouge stamps will cover it)
    a label with the address that you want the seeds sending to,
    your 'want' list with your name and your Grape name on it.

    Do use some common sense though, the postage that you send in needs to cover the postage back; so if you are sending 10 packs of tomatoes but want 10 packs of peas back; these will weigh more and be thicker so might go into the next postal rate up from what you send in.

    As this is a community type swap; stamps may not be sent back, as if only [for example] 3p needs to be added, a stamp to that value will be used rather than waste postage and it gives the VSP more flexibility on postage rates. We will be purchasing a stash of smaller sized stamps as a 'float' for this purpose. We might split packages up so that postage is kept as low as possible.

    We will also be reusing envelopes/bags, so please make sure they are not falling apart at the seams, after all, you do want them to come back to you.

    Please put a sender's address on your envelope when sending seeds, so that if they get lost they come back to you.

    There is no upper limit on the number of packs that you send in; but to try and move to a parcel where each packet is 'equivalent' if you are splitting larger packs down, please try and put opened packs into these amounts before sending:

    6-10 tomato/pepper/aubreys/squashes
    10-15 beans/peas
    30 brassicas/lettuces
    50 mustard/radish
    100 carrots/onions

    Please write legibly on each packet:
    No of seeds
    Your Vine name
    Sow by dates or date seeds collected
    Anything else you think is needed; such as 'self saved', 'Mr Fothergills' etc.

    Please make sure the packets that you send in are actually sealed - we've had quite a few that have not been sealed properly and half the seeds were in the bottom of the envelope mixed with other seeds at the bottom - thus rendering some of the bags useless.

    I think that's it.

    So in essence:
    Pack your seeds into equivalents if already opened
    Look at website
    Note what you want [legibly, the easier to read the quicker we can pack]
    PM Zaz or Scarey
    Send your stuff
    Wait for the postie

    We'll be picking and packing/sending once a week; so hopefully [outside of the Festive season] a 2 week turnaround at most.

    Any questions or issues with the site please post them on here and we will try to resolve. The site is still under development but we will work on that in the background.

    Happy Swapping.

    p.s....this does not preclude swapping or offering swaps on this board, it is in addition to it.

    Participants so far:
    Seeds sent:

    Thelma Saunders
    Lottie Dolly
    The Large One
    Veggie Chicken
    10 Jellibabe
    Frosty Freckle
    Phil the Shed
    20 Salilah
    Gan Heather
    Garden passion

    Non Grapes who have contributed

    On the Road:
    Veggie Chicken

    Waiting for seeds to arrive:

    To send:

    If I've missed you off this for any reason, do let me know; I have PMs flying about all over the place.
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