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Thread: Squash seeds

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    Nov 2007
    Cranleigh, Surrey

    Default Squash seeds

    I would like to grow a couple of squashes this year. I don't want to grow enough to justify a whole packet of seeds. Does anyone have a couple of unwanted squash seeds that they wouldn't mind parting with?

    Kind regards


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    Lizzy is offline Rooter
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    Sep 2005



    PM me and I will send you some seeds, I love growing squashes and have quite a few seeds.

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    ramfucious is offline Germinator
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    Feb 2008


    Hi, I would also like to grow squashes if you have more seeds spare Lizzy? I can send you various tomatoes and some aubergine in return if you like. cheers


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    Hi Tracey/ramfucious,
    I've got some pumpkin and potimarron 'musques do provence' seeds if you want? They are about three years old but should be still fine (I think squash seeds keep really well, I heard somewhere up to about six years). I could do you a swap for something that does okay in a cool summer if you like? First to PM me gets the goods!

    Dwell simply ~ love richly

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