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Thread: Clear Out

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    Default Clear Out

    I've had a mini clear out and I'm offering the following
    Cabbage - Christmas Drumhead - GONE
    Poppy Blackcurrant Fizz
    Forget-Me-Knot "Blue Ball"
    Red Poppy
    Wild Flower mix (freebie from Nickys Nursery)
    Cayenne Pepper (freebie from GYO)
    Godetia Little Frills Mixed

    All packets unopened and within date.

    Also have but are opened packets and still within date
    Cabbage "PrimoII" - GONE
    Cabbage Greyhound
    Minidor Dwarf Bean
    Aubergine Prosperosa - GONE
    Cabbage April - GONE.
    Cauliflower Igloo - GONE
    Bronze Fennel
    Lavender (Multifida Blue Wonder)
    Lavender Vera
    Cabbage Golden Acre
    Cauliflower all The Year Round
    California Poppy
    Sunflower Ruby Sunset

    I'm looking for Tansy seeds or Lemon Scented Thyme. Alternatively a SAE.
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