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    Default Cabbage "Micro" Chemical-Treated Seeds Offered

    I've just realised that I've inadvertently bought Professional Grade cabbage seeds, that have been treated with chemicals (you cant touch the seeds).

    I am not going to use them and so I am offering them to anyone that would like them - free postage.

    Unopened Packet from Nicky's Nursery
    TREATED SEED Professional Grade
    Avoid handling seed with bare hands sow direct from packet or seed sower. Dispose of packet safely Do not use raw seed as a feed or food. Wash hands after sowing seed. As with all chemicals, if you feel unwell seek medical advice. Seed is treated to aid germination

    Sealed Year Ending May 2012
    Cabbage Micro F1 30 seeds
    Ballhead cabbage
    Sow May to May
    Treated - Thiram, Carbendazim

    I will not be using these seeds, so please PM me if you can use them. I will pay the postage.
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